The Psykick Sea

by P.A.U.L.

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    Virtual Single: Released 11 November 2011

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"..time slows
the lights flicker
harin puts her head on my shoulder
eau de campagne
her strawberry aura
turning slowly white
telephone lights up
hear it ring
her delicate fingers
flattened by piano keys
calloused by guitar strings
adorned by jewels and rings
turquoise scarlet
abalone gold
she says "we came from nowhere
and we're heading back there"
i agree
happy in the knowledge
that we're off the graph
"never been on the graph" she says

and remembers to breathe
breathes slowly
telephone lights up
hear it ring
let it ring

something i remember from my childhood
a place where i used to live
high in the bowdon hills
overlooking the green
one day when i was about ten years old
i looked out of a window on the top floor
through my fathers binoculars
saw something out in the fields near the priory
- an apparition -
it was myself as an adult
with my friends dek and st. b
a sunny day in september
walking funny
funny strange
not funny ha ha
they saw me watching them
st. b aknowledged me with a wave
reached through the glasses at my eyes
had to put the binoculars down
and lock them away in a little wooden case
spoke to my grandmother
over the red telephone
she warned me off
ever using them again
told me that they were enchanted
she made my father promise to lose them
or forget he ever had them
and the telephone lights up
i hear it ring
let it ring..."


released November 11, 2011
(c) 2011



all rights reserved